Feature Request: Change format without saving


Here is a wish about change format behavior

  • Info: Default format - OPML
  • Current: Change format to bike need saving file
  • Wish: Change format to bike no need saving file
  • Background: I use OPML format because it can open on iOS by OmniOutliner, but Bike app will show " Formatting is not enabled in this document" when I use OPML and click “cmd + K”. if I want change to Bike format, it require saving, but I just want to create a whiteboard not for persistent use.

I’m not sure if I want to make this change, I think generally the current flow makes the most sense.

Could this be solved another way? Maybe just Command-N to create a new whiteboard document? Or if you want the current document for context you could have a script that copied that documents content into the new document?

I edit my question:

If row type support both opml and bike file format, maybe “Formatting is not enabled in this document.” alert for “cmd + k” can put later, on “non-row-type” button click.

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