Feature: Full screen/Distraction free mode

I would use a full screen/distraction free mode in TaskPaper where the app comes forward on a black background. Anyone else like this idea?

Certainly a good idea. Arguably already there, though perhaps you have a swifter and simpler toggle in mind ?

The existing ingredients might include some or all of, for example:

  • Window > [Enter | Exit] Full Screen
  • View > [Show | Hide] Sidebar
  • Hide Toolbar
  • Change theme
    • ( By swapping between 2 versions of ~/Library/Application Support/TaskPaper/user.less )

Oddly, this is grayed-out for me. I am writing about a view where TaskPaper moves forward on the screen on a black background similar to writing apps.
Using TaskPaper 3.

Seems to be working here in this version, for what it’s worth:

(Though Enter Full Screen does get grayed out while other windows are active)

Fullscreen works fine for me on 10.11.2. One improvement (for me at least) would be a preference to set a maximum width for the text that is displayed when in fullscreen mode.

I tend to use fullscreen mode with the active area reduced to a central (1/3) column of the screen.

Here, for example, is a Keyboard Maestro macro which toggles TaskPaper 3 Preview between:

  • Full Screen view (with active screen reduced to central third, rest blacked out)
  • Previous size and position of window

This sounds like a great solution. I don’t have Keyboard Maestro yet, but maybe I can accomplish the same thing through a theme setting. I will look into it.