External keyboard - END key

I started using an external keyboard. In most editing programs, when I hit the END key it moves the cursor to the end of the line which is desired. In TaskPaper, when i do it, either nothing happens, or some slight scrolling, or worse scrolling to the end of a long document.

Shouldn’t END go to the end of the current line with the cursor?


I think the standard macOS behavior is for END to scroll to the end of the document. I think that’s what TaskPaper is doing.

To go to end of current visible linen it’s: Command-Right Arrow
To go to end of current paragraph it’s: Option-Down Arrow

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Which programs?

Thanks for reply. Programs tested:

Goes to end of line

  • Obsidian
  • MS Word (and thus Outlook and other MS apps)
  • The Brain (pkm tool)

Goes to end of file without moving cursor

  • nvUltra
  • Apple Mail
  • this edit box

So the ones i use most are in the top list! I don’t know what controls it tbh.

Yeah, all those apps in the first last are cross platform apps and I guess doing it the windows way. You might be able to change this with macOS keybindings… this app might help: Ukelele - SIL Language Technology

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I forgot that I have Better Touch Tool (BTT) as part of SetApp (although I think i bought TaskPaper outside of that).

With BTT I configured the End key to work like i wanted!

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