Is it possible to export to a different file type than the document was created in. That is to say if I create a document as a .bike doc can I, and how would I export it as a OPML file



The simplest route might be:

File > Save As

and then, on the Save As dialog:

File format: OPML

I would have thought so - but I have no “save as” menu item

Unless I am missing something - quite likely!

It’s there :slight_smile:

A standard element of the macOS UI is that if you hold down the (Opt) key while looking at a File menu you will see some alternative options.

For example, when you press ,

you will see File Save As ... ⌥⇧⌘S

( PS also worth trying the trick with the Outline and Window menus )


Thank you, thank you

I didn’t even think of the option key.

Top tip


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