Export OPML Format

Is it possible to export a Bike outline to OPML for import into other apps?

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Yes, there are two ways.

First Bike can open and save opml directly without requiring export. To save a new document as opml choose the opml option from the file format dialogue when saving.

Second if you want to keep your document in Bike format, but save as opml you can do that by … get ready for it … Option-Shift-Command-S. If that shortcut is to hard to remember you can also just hold down the Option key while the File menu is open. When you hold down the option key the “Duplicate” menu item will change to “Save As”.

Thank you.

@twilhite Depending on the app you want to transfer to … you may be able to simply copy from Bike and paste into the other app. For example, that’s the approach I now use when going from Bike to iThoughts (mind mapping software).