Expand / Collapse Dots on everything

The new update is great. Adding visual indication of collapsable stuff is great, but…

…why are these indicators on everything? If the item has no child, why would this visual indicator be there? It’s distracting when the document is long (to me, it’s horrible to see it everywhere, actually).

You can add this to your theme to remove those:

item[leaf] {
  handle-color: none;
  handle-border-color: none;

The reason that I show them in the default theme is so that people will have visual targets for drank and drop operations. But I agree once you know they are “there” it’s nice to hide them. At some point I need to add an option to only show them on mouse over the item… but haven’t gotten to that yet.

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Hey thanks for this. Worked and am now back to beautiful simplicity.

I still don’t fully understand the reasoning on why show them all the time. Having them appear once any item receives a child would be enough for a new user to get what they’re for.

I also don’t think showing dots on every item on mouseover would be of any use, and would probably add to the visual confusion.

Regardless, love the product, and dig what you’ve done with it. So in Jesse we trust.

Just going to voice my preference — I’m looking for the code to do this — for having handles always show. The reason is simple, but is not illustrated above. The handle allows one to instantly tell if a line starts (what I’ll call until I know better) an outline Item or is part of but not the start of a multiline outline item.

I am an inveterate outliner, and I write long notes. I also frequently show my outlines side-by-side with other program windows on my primary computer, which is a 15" MBP. Each of those, especially partnered, means I regularly have outline items that wrap to multiple lines. Not being able to instantly visually distinguish between an item with no children (a “leaf”, I think this called here and in the code) and a line of text that is part of an item’s text that has been wrapped, regularly brings my work to a halt as I have to stop and ask “What is that?”

I should add that I am looking into using TaskPaper for much more than just a Reminders replacement. (And maybe FoldingText is better suited, but TaskPaper was more recently updated and seemed much more likely to continue to be supported.)

Sorry for bringing attention to a dead thread, but I thought it worth indicating the need that you so pinkly dismissed as unneeded.

I think I’m close to finding an answer to my question, but … is there a way to turn on leaf handles? I realize I can color them using the code Jesse cites above, but I’d prefer to have them inherit the standard handle color of the theme (and change as that changes). Thanks.

Found it!

item {
handle-border-color: @handle-secondary-color;