Expand All / Collapse All behavior change?

Still lovin’ Bike!

That said, I miss the old behavior of the expand-all / collapse-all feature, where the collapse/expand operation only applied to “the current row, and all rows that it contains”.

In fact, I just checked the user guide, that seems to be the intended behavior.

However, in v1.15.1, expand-all expands every row in the document. Similarly, collapse-all collapses the whole document as well.




I’m pretty sure the old behavior is still there, but I may changed some names and keyboard shortcuts in Bike 1.15 (154). It does seem like user guide is out of sync. I’ll try to fix that next week. The current behavior should be (of course use “9” instead of “0” for collapse cases):

  1. Expand Row: Command-0
    • This is the simples case, just expand selected row.
  2. Expand Row Completely: Option-Command-0
    • I think this is the case you want. Expand the selected row “completely”. Expand it and also expand all descendant rows. This is only visible in menu when holding down Option key.
  3. Expand All: Control-Command-0
    • This expand all rows, and their descendant rows, in the focused view.
  4. Expand All By Level : Shift-Command-0
    • This is the newest option. A little hard to explain, but useful I think. It expands all rows, but one level at a time. Assuming all rows start collapsed… Invoke this command once to expand top level rows. Invoke again to see next level rows. Etc.

THANK YOU! Former Windows guy here…I always forget about the discoverability path of holding the Option key! Doh!

Anyways, Option-Command-0 is exactly what I want (to quickly expand/collapse sub-sections of my outline).

Thanks again and happy outlining!