Every update demands my license key again

The last two times there’s been an update, along with the “there is an update available” window I also get “you have 0 days left on your trial” window. I then have to give my license number again, and then everything works fine until the next update. N.B., this may actually be after a reboot, as that’s usually the only time I bother closing taskpaper and it looks for an update.

Any thoughts?

When you switch between the preview version and the released version I know it will ask for your license key. Are you sure that you aren’t switching between those two version? I don’t remember hearing that it asks for your license key on updates.

Generally this is something that I need to look into but haven’t yet. I’m using a third party library for licensing and it’s asking more often then I would like, but I’m not yet sure what the underlying cause is.

Hey, sorry it’s taken me a bit to get back. I figured I’d let it maybe happen a few more times to gather more data, and then I forgot to get back to you.

I do have an older release version still installed, which is probably causing this. I don’t see any evidence that it’s ever running, but that’s almost certainly the cause of this. So, consider this Solved for me, and just take that as a data point for further issues.