ETA for the direct download of 3.77 final?

Hey Jesse,

I noticed that 3.77 has been released on the Mac App Store. Any ETA for the direct download version?



I’ll try to get it out tomorrow.

That App Store version is a bit odd… my App Store releases have been jammed since last November. My account got into a weird state… and result was that I couldn’t push any new releases to App Store.

This was finally resolved yesterday (Yeah!) but I I wasn’t to confident that it would actually get resolved, so wasn’t really ready for that release to go out. I was just continuing to press buttons like a monkey, hoping that doing the same thing over and over would work. And finally it did!

The release notes are also a bit confusing for this App Store release. Because it was actually 3.7.6 that added “tag values lists” … but since that version got jammed in the App Store I’ve put that feature in as a 3.7.7 release not for App Store users.

Things should be back in sync going forward. After I release direct and Setapp versions tomorrow.


Thanks Jesse! And congratulations on getting your account working again!

And still haven’t posted. Sorry summer and kids got me busy. Might not get to this until Monday.

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Understandable. Thanks for the update!

Just posted, thanks for the reminder: TaskPaper 3.7.7

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Thank you Jesse!