Error - We were unable to complete the license activation

Hi there,

I’m reinstalling TaskPaper on a new Mac (running 10.14.6) but when I attempt to ‘Activate License’ I get the error “Error: We were unable to complete the license activation of the requested product.”. I’ve requested my license and have confirmed that I’m entering the one you have on file.

Any ideas on how to resolve this?

It should work if you try again now. It was an activation limit associated with your license that I’ve now raised.

Thanks Jesse! All sorted now :slight_smile:

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If my issue with license activation is similar, I’m using macOS 10.15 Beta on a separate volume. Catalina is not ready to come out of Beta, but I want to use WriteRoom and FoldingText while in Beta without running into licensing issues. What I want is to open those apps from the 10.14 library, run them on 10.15 until I’m done switching back and forth like a fool, though there must be a better way. Suggestions welcome.

Please email me your license keys in question… I can just raise the activation limit.