Error extracting update archive?

edit: Just noticed that it says in the update prompt to update manually. But I left my original post in this in case someone may have an idea that might help, it’s driving me nuts.

orig: I’ve having this problem with a bunch of different software updates after installing the Sierra public betas.
I can’t find any information about the issue searching google, anyone have any ideas what could be causing it?
thank you.

I’m not sure… I think the issue with TaskPaper update so far have all been predictable non Sierra related. The first release that I made was as a Sandboxed app, but those can’t update themselves… oops. The second release I changed the bundleID and I think that was the cause of the breakage. Cross fingers next update it will work, but maybe Sierra will offer some new update adventure to work around that I don’t know about yet :slight_smile:

thanks Jesse.

it’s got me really frustrated, especially since i can’t find any information on it.

I don’t know if this is exactly technically related but having been a TaskPaper use since the beginning I got the preview version for $15 and came back from vacation to a message that my “trial” had expired. No problem, I thought, since I would consider myself a heavy user and don’t mind supporting development, I went and plopped down the money for the new version from the App Store (I have photos if you want me to send them of it in my Launchpad and in “Purchase History” on the App Store). Even though I threw out previous TaskPaper versions including the trial, I can’t open the new App Store version because it keeps telling my my “Trial” has “expired.” Also, does that App Store version auto-synch through iCloud, do docs have to be in iCloud, do I have to setup a folder in iCloud manually, or what? I ask because installation of iCloud-enabled docs usually coincide with a folder appearing in my iCloud Drive related to the app regardless of document creation, but I don’t see anything there related to TaskPaper.

I’ve got a separate thread going with @adrianc, but for other’s reading this thread … purchasing the preview version got you a full version of the app. Should be no reason to purchase another unless you are just feeling really generous! :slight_smile: