Editorial.app-style tag-associated color labels

I’ve been using Editorial on iOS for .taskpaper together with FoldingText. One of the things I like about Editorial is the ability to assign tags to color labels (it’s actually handled this way and not the other way around): in the option menu, you have a bunch of colors, and you write the tags you want to cause the text background color to change behind them, see Editorial for iOS or here:

It’s a very quick way to get limited (but in my personal usage of .taskpaper sufficient) theming, and it doesn’t require editing .less files or similar.

Anyway, it’d be cool if such a feature eventually came to TaskPaper 3.


Sorry, I missed responding to this the fist time around, just just came across it in a search. Anyway there’s now a FAQ that describes how to do this:

To clarify, I thought the Editorial settings dialog model would be a good idea for people who don’t want to edit .less files. I don’t mind doing the latter, personally, so I already customized my setup :). Thanks for adding the quick guide.

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