Editing themes for conditional formatting


I’m using the latest version of TP 3 and have edited the user.less file to add some custom CSS examples, however the live changes mentioned in the docs don’t seem to work.

Also, I’m trying to add a simple conditional format on items that start with [RESPONSE] (highlight in red) assume this is the place to do this ?

Live updates should still be working, at least they seem to be working for me. I wonder if your theme has an error (or is using unsupported CSS feature) in it that’s causing problems. Would you mind posting the theme here?

It’s been awhile since I’ve played with my theme, but I remember that if I rebooted Taskpaper after opening the user.less file, the live changes worked.

It basically went:

/makes changes to user.less file
Me: Wait what no live changes?
/reboots Taskpaper and makes more changes to user.less file
Me: There’re my live changes!

Generally it should work without having to do this… maybe that was an old bug or something specific to your machine that I need to address. Also note that the file changed… you need to update theme.less nowadays. Thanks!

Typo on my part! (Does it count as a typo when the whole word is wrong?) I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an issue unique to my machine. I haven’t played around with my theme for awhile (since I got it where I want it.)

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Thanks this is working now.

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