Editing in filtered mode


I often edit tasks in filter mode. The problem I’m increasingly finding is that if I delete a task above another project that project is automatically indented.

Filtered view:

View after the second task under “Get Started” has been deleted:

You’ll notice the “Surprisingly Adept” project has now indented. This is proving to be a real pain as there seems to be no way to mitigate it. I did try to put a space between projects, but these don’t show up in filtered view.


I think this is the correct behavior.

When you delete a paragraph separator character the next line should come up and start where the deleted started. I think the problem (not directly solvable) is that you can’t select the leading tabs in TaskPaper 3, and so maybe your normal way to delete a line of text in a text editor is:

  1. Move to the very beginning of the line.

  2. Shift-Down Arrow to select the entire line and the newline character

  3. Delete

That won’t work as you expect in TaskPaper because you can’t really do step 1, since you can’t select the leading tabs. Removing the ability to select leading tabs is a fundamental decision that I made and that isn’t really possible to change.

Instead I think you should use the Item > Delete Item (Command-K) command. It’s faster and will do what you want most of the time I think. It does have one problem, which is that it deletes the item branch (item and any children) which might not be what you want. I’ll try to add a related “Delete Line” command in an upcoming release that will do the same thing, but leave children in place.


Actually that’s incorrect. That used to be the behavior, but currently “Delete Item” only deletes the item, not the branch. I might change this back and have one “Delete Line” command, and one “Delete Branch” command. But for the moment “Delete Item” deletes just a single item, leaving it’s children in place.


In this release:

I’m experimenting to special case this behavior… when you fully select a line and delete then the line is just removed, never effecting the indentation of the following line.