Each Document Sets A Stylesheet

I have an idea. It would be nice if, as Jessie works on the next version of TaskPaper, there could be a way to define each individual TaskPaper document’s theme in preferences. Right now, all stylesheet choices remain global. That is, the stylesheet selected will affect every TaskPaper document opened - or opened again, until a different stylesheet is selected. Once a different stylesheet is selected, it also becomes the global or default stylesheet for all TaskPaper documents.

Perhaps many TaskPaper users use one TaskPaper document for all their list keeping. If true, I imagine this suggestion would not make much difference to them. I find TaskPaper to be an invaluable part of my writing process. I use TaskPaper on many separate projects.

I find that I am very visual in my organization strategies. Not everyone is this way, but some are, and I am certainly this way. With this in mind, I was just thinking, that it would be nice if each separate TaskPaper document contained an embedded saved stylesheet preference that the user could configure at will.

I don’t know how difficult this would be to implement but, it seemed worth suggesting.

Thanks for listening.