Duplicate? and a multi-cursor wish

Stupid question, but how does duplicate work? It doesn’t seem to do anything here.

Also, one thing that I always miss in any app that works with text is multi-cursor or block selecting. i know it’s more useful and necessary in a code editor, but when dealing with any text lists it’s become a must have for me for many reasons.

Would it be possible to work that in? I would be one happy camper!

thank you.

edit: i just noticed after playing around with some of the modifier keys that it seems like it “wants” to do some kind of block selection but the selection doesn’t stick.

Opps it doesn’t in the current release… I changed how commands are issued a while back and it seems I never connected that one up again after the change. I’ve fixed the for the next release.

Multiple selection is less likely for 3.0 anyway. NSTextView supports block selections, but no multiple cursor editing as you would expect from a code editor. The problem is that right now my internal JavaScript API doesn’t support multiple selection. Eventually I could add support for them, but it would be a chunk of work that I don’t think I have time for right now given all the other things I’m trying to get into 3.0.

Post 3.0 I imagine block selection could be added, but multiple cursor editing isn’t likely since I would need to build that into NSTextView as well.

thank for the quick reply.

maybe multi-cursor and block editing would be overkill actually for my wish. since a lot of things i do are very similar as far as tasks, the text from line to line is typically the same with slight variations like…

  • move part A to sheet B
  • move part C to sheet B

a normal person would probably use one task for something like that, ( - move parts A and C to sheet B) but to stay organized and focused i have to do it like that for my own sanity and things can change on the fly. someone might come in and say, nah, copy those to sheet D.

that would actually be perfect. again, this is probably a fringe case.

what is it that i’m seeing when holding down option and selecting down, btw?

thanks again.

That’s NSTextView’s support for block selections kicking in. But when a selection is made in the NSTextView its immediately synced/reflected in my internal editor model (which only supports single selection) and then that’s synced back to the NSTextView… end result is that the NSTextView might start making a multiple selection, but it is immediately scoped back to a single selection.

Eventually I do think my internal model could be extended to support multiple selections, it’s just not a priority right now.

ahh, i appreciate the explanation. thanks again for the replies!