@due and then bring up calendar


I want to bring calander box/window up when i typing “@due(”. in fact, when i press “command + T”; it showed up tag and i can select the @due; then calendar box showing up. but, the calendar box not shown up when i just type @due(. with this… i need to type in exact date like 2016-12-22 - that is very tedious.

The manual reads as below… but for my case, no the date palette for date entry shown up.

When you enter a tag that also expects a date (@due and @start) TaskPaper automatically show the date palette for date entry.


The users guide is referring to when you enter tags via Command-T. In the future automatically showing when you type @due( might make sense, but it’s not something that I’m yet working on. Instead I think you best approach is to use Command-T to add the tag. Alternatively you can assign a shortcut to Edit > Insert Date and then when you are at @due( use that shortcut to insert a date.


okay… but i still think that it’s a lot better to show up date palette when entering “due(”.