Dragging tasks doesn't work


I’m on TaskPaper 3.3.1 (217) and dragging tasks somewhere along the way stopped working from me.
I can reliably replicate the issue by starting a new document within TaskPaper and trying to drag any task.

  • Tasks: only the dash appears at the destination, the task plus its own dash stays at the old position
  • notes: can be dragged
  • projects: can be dragged, including all their subtasks etc

Is that just me? or do others have the same issue?

You need to drag tasks by the leading circle bullet, not by the dash. In TaskPaper 2 you dragged by the dash, but in TaskPaper 3 you need to always drag by the leading circle bullet for all item types.

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@jessegrosjean ooops, thanks for pointing that out!
yes, the theme I currently use doesn’t show that leading circle anymore, therefore I was probably a little confused.

Even when it’s not showing you can still drag from that location… but yeah that’s why i made it show by default.

Out of curiosity…Which theme is that. If mine (or rather, @jasonshanks’s since he’s done most the recent work) it could maybe make sense to change something when hovering over that area so as to make this more apparent.

That’s definitely the best solution in the end, but it’s not possible yet. I need to build in support first.

Ah, gotcha. So no hover state yet for those handles?

Correct, I’m just simulating CSS syntax, but I need to write custom code for each bit of behavior. I expect to get to that one eventually, but nothing immediate.

Hey @pslobo, I’m using the Atom One Dark theme.
Thanks to all for getting back

Yeah, well unfortunately apparently there isn’t much I can do to fix it for now. At least not until @jessegrosjean adds a pseudo hover action to that element.

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I was coming on to report this cause I noticed that you can drag tasks from the dash if the line is selected so I thought that dragging by dash wasn’t working.

I’m finding I can drag things by one or two items, but any further and they land wherever they wish

Can you email me a quick screencast to show exactly what you are seeing? jesse@hogbaysoftware.com. Thanks!