Downloaded Bike from Mac App Store has "Invalid Licence"

I downloaded Bike from the Mac App store, with the expectation to try for a while, then to pay. This is what I did with TaskPaper - I was an early user, and eventually bought the version 2.

I read the License info for Bike on the web site. It seemed clear, and gives 3 options. But two don’t work as described

Option 2 is subscription from the Mac App Store, but there is no subscription option on the Store, nor any payment info
Option 3 is unlicensed (which is OK), but I have a status of invalid license (which suggests problems)

Thanks for trying Bike and sorry for any confusion.

To be clear what you are doing is how I hope people will try and use Bike :slight_smile:

The expected states are:

  1. Unlicensed: Never expires, missing some features (currently those are some settings, and AppleScript support)

  2. Licensed: You have an active license, all features are enabled.

  3. Invalid License: This state “should” mean that you purchased a license, but for some reason that license is invalid. For example if you got a Mac App Store subscription maybe the subscription is expired. Features should be the same as “unlicensed”.

If you are seeing “Invalid License” it means that either I have a bug (possible!) or maybe you purchased and then canceled a subscription? What do you see if you open Bike > Preferences > License can you send a screenshot of that screen?

Here is the screenshot:

I simply went to the Mac App Store, downloaded Bike onto one Mac, and used it a couple of times. No cancellations!

Thanks for that screenshot.

I think I’m interrupting license API results incorrectly. Also I agree that “Invalid License” is a bit strong. I think I will switch to only showing “Unlicensed” for all cases where there is no license or the license is expired or invalid for some other reason. Then to see any details on why it’s expired you can view preferences. Does that seem more reasonable?

Seems OK. You could avoid showing a status “Never Buy” which is too strong.

Other points regarding the text on the web site

  • The licence text should include two purchase links, one which takes the user to one-time purchase; and another which takes the user to subscription purchase (the current link takes you back to the App Store, where you can’t purchase a subscription)
  • the terms of use text has two options (one time and subscription), whereas there are three.