Don’t have permission

The document “的司法范德萨发**.bike** could not be opened. You don’t have permission.

Use hookmark software。hook://file/Users/lei/Downloads/YwMkRW2tN?p=bGVpL0Rvd25sb2Fkcw==&n=%E7%9A%84%E5%8F%B8%E6%B3%95%E8%8C%83%E5%BE%B7%E8%90%A8%E5%8F%91%2Ebike#rowid=ou

I downloaded the software from the official website, I suspect it is a sandbox problem. System macos12.7.1 bike latest version (old version also has this problem) hookmark latest version

Perhaps a question for the Hookmark forum, rather than this one ?

Ah - good. I see that’s what you are doing - the graphic wasn’t displaying on first posting.

This is a bike problem, it does not have permission, but I hope the hook developers and bike developers can work together to solve this matter

Happy thanksgiving to those that celebrate it!

@Luc_P_Beaudoin any thoughts where this error might originate?

Generally I don’t think this is likely to be an issue that Bike can do anything about. Bike is just using standard Cocoa code and behavior for opening documents. I don’t think any actual Bike code deals with permissions directly.

I think the Hookmark forum will have a much better idea of what’s going on. Even if it’s not a bug in Hookmark, it’s likely some permissions configuration problem that they have come across before.

Generally my understanding is:

The URL shown above is hook:// .... I think the path for resolving that is:

  1. Since URL is hook:// it is passed to Hookmark
  2. Hookmark then “I think” runs an AppleScript to open that document in Bike.

I did use the hook link, but the problem still occurs when I use the bike link. Failed to find any documents matching the link: bike://wuhqrTrx/b4#rz. This is a hint, this should be you should fix the error, right? This issue has been raised in the forum, and has not been corrected until now. There is no such prompt when the file is opened, but I use the bike can not open all the bike files

Want to fix the bug, ok? In fact, in my opinion, this bug is caused by the bike, not the reason for hookmark, and the reason why I also look for hookmark, is that I hope you two can come up with a way together, after all, hookmark has been a big push you, which is why I buy software.And they work really well together

Once the bike opens another file (, then force the bike to exit. will prompt no permission (let alone move files)

I sent video to your email

I think there are three separate issues on this:

  1. No pemission to open .bike file when using hook:// link
  2. No permission to open .bike file when using Edit > Copy > Path Row Link
  3. No document/row found when using bike:// link.

I can reproduce the second and third ones.
Second one occurs if I copy Path Row Link and paste into e.g. Apple Notes, then close all windows in Bike and quit the app. In addition to the no pemission error (macOS error prompt), I also get a “Problem Opening Link” prompt from Bike (“Failed to find any documents matching the link”).
This seems to occur only if Bike isn’t already running (even with no documents open), but works correctly if Bike is open.

Third one occurs if I Edit > Copy > Row Link and paste in 3rd party app or even in another Bike document. This one doesn’t seem to care if Bike is running or not, I always get the same error unless the document I’m linking to isn’t already open. I used to be able to fix this by deleting the # in the bike:// link, but doesn’t seem to work anymore.

I can’t reproduce the first error. Hooked .bike files seem to open without a problem for me. The only way I can reproduce any kind of error is by using Hook’s deep-linking scheme into Bike’s rows (i.e. the “bike-default” scheme), which utilises Bike’s own Row Links.

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@Gorgonzola Thanks this helps, separating the problem from Hookmark.

For the moment the thing to focus on is that


Links can run into permission problems if the file isn’t already open or in a part of the file system that Bike has permission to read. I’m not sure if this is a recent change on macOS behavior, or if previously I was always testing links with files that I had recently closed and so problem never showed.

I’m trying various ways to resolve these cases, but they all run into sandbox problems now. Will keep looking.

@1801211637 What happens if you store your Bike documents inside Bike’s sandbox? So for example on my computer the problem is fixed if I save in /Users/jessegrosjean/Library/Containers/com.hogbaysoftware.Bike/Data/Documents. Does that work for you too?

I put it in the / Users/lei/Documents folder, yes, if I put it in the folder you pointed out, there is no such problem as I mentioned, thank you, of course, I also hope that if it is possible to fix this problem.

I think the way that I’ll work around this problem is to add a new “Unlock Sandbox” setting to Bike. There you will be able to grant Bike access to folders outside its Sandbox. And then you’ll be able to link to outlines in those folders without getting permissions problems.

Yes, very much looking forward to this new setup, thank you for your patient response

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The latest preview release:

Adds a new Sandbox settings view. It’s ugly UI at the moment, but hopefully can fix the problem. Please try it out and let me know.