Does anyone have thoughts on what I should do with TaskPaper 2 in the Mac App Store?


Now that I’m selling TaskPaper 3 preview licenses I’d ideally like to give people who purchase TaskPaper 2 from the Mac app store a TaskPaper 3 license. But that’s impossible because I don’t have the list of new people who buy TaskPaper 2.

I could just remove TaskPaper 2 from the Mac app store… but don’t really want to do that because that leaves TaskPaper 3 Preview as the only version available… and it’s not done.

I guess what I’ll do is knock down the price of TaskPaper 2 and put a note at the top of the description that TaskPaper 3 is in progress and will be a paid update? Reasonable?



At my day job, we have found that customers often don’t read the text of the description before buying, and/or skip over the part that you want them to read, so… in theory that would be plenty, but I have concerns that you’ll still have upset customers. ALL CAPS help, but then you’re yelling at potential customers, which doesn’t help. We also tried including a relevant graphic as a screenshot, but it was rejected as non-representative.

Updating the title of the application (TaskPaper 2 Legacy? TaskPaper Classic? Not sure…) might help, but I think that kicks you back into a review cycle, which can create a different set of issues.

If you’re planning on leaving the App Store with TP3, I think that Bare Bones and Panic might have some relevant posts/information, having done so recently. I think that Rich of Bare Bones even gave a talk on that topic, and transitioning… maybe at Çingleton? My memory fails me.

It’s a hard balancing act; best of luck!


You could always ask Mac app store purchasers to take a screenshot of their purchase and e-mail it to you. Example:

Or (if they kept it) they can forward the receipt from Apple showing the purchase:

As such a purchaser, I will truly appreciate a TaskPaper 3 license.


The issue is that for most TaskPaper users I really do want to charge (sorry!) for the update. That’s why it’s got the cheap pricing now and will launch with lower pricing, then go up to final. The question is more for users who buy TaskPaper 2 today… when version 3 is already in preview. Plus doing the manual verification for these cases would take to much time I think.

Anyway I’ve decided to just drop the price in TaskPaper 2 for now and put a note at the top of the description in the app store.


Ha, I’m one of those users. I just bought TP2 a day or so ago and find out today there’s a TP3 preview release, which I also bought. Either way, it’s all cool. I use the TP2 version when I want a themed instance of the app.


So which option will be my least expensive one? (asks the unemployed guy)


If you are happy using the current 3.0 preview just get a license for it today, no need to get 2.0.


Thanks for the fast responses Jesse. While I can’t use the preview at the moment, I have just paid for a license. I’ll continue using version 2 until I can translate my two dozen Applescripts to Javascript.