Disambiguation of Window Titles

If you have more than one window open for an outline named “Logbook” you’ll have 2 windows with identical names, even if those windows are focused on different parts of the outline. This shows up in the “Window” menu, the right-click menu on the dock icon, and maybe some other places.

I use an app called Contexts, which allows you to switch to windows from a list of window titles. When multiple windows have the same title it is hard to pick from the list. I would imagine this might also impact people with impaired vision trying to navigate the windows on their Mac using something like VoiceOver — but I don’t know much about that.

I would suggest disambiguating the window titles somehow, maybe with the first N characters of the focused row or something.

Good idea, I’ll get this added. I have already added similar logic for window tabs, but forgot case of multiple windows.

I’ve changed this in the latest 111 preview release:

Amazing. Love what you did with the spelling panel. Thank you.

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