Difficulty in setting up a script debugging environment

I’ve been using TaskPaper for years now (and am a big fan), but only recently tried my had at scripting it.
Setup: TaskPaper Version 3.8.16 (475) on Big Sur 11.2.3
I have the version of TP bought on the TP website (not the Mac App Store version).

The page Creating Scripts (https://www.taskpaper.com/guide/customizing-taskpaper/creating-scripts.html) in the TP documentation mentions two items that I am not able to find:

  1. The “TaskPaper’s JavaScript Context” section mentions:
    In the TaskPaper JavaScript context:
    … (5) Your can use TaskPaper’s Window > JavaScript Debugger to debug your script.
    => However in my setup, there is no JavaScript Debugger menu item under TP’s Window menu

  2. The “Debugging TaskPaper’s JavaScript Context” section mentions:
    Choose Safari > Develop > Computer > TaskPaper > BirchOutlineJavascriptContext
    => However I don’t see TaskPaper or BirchOutline under MyComputer

I’ve already followed the steps in Safari to show the Developer Menu. And I have Safari and TP, both open at the same time.
Due to this, I am having problems getting any further with scripting TaskPaper.
Happy to have any help with this. Thanks.

I just testing and seems not to work for me either. I expect some combination of notarization, hardened runtime, security measures must have broken things. I’ll see if I can find a fix.