De-Selecting Searches in Sidebar


One challenge I have in TaskPaper is that after clicking on a saved search in the sidebar, if I do something else, expand, contract a section, whatever, if I click on the same search term again, nothing happens.

If I click twice on the same search term in rapid succession, the search triggers again. This is playing heck with my macros right now. I am telling the cursor where to move to and click on a search term in the sidebar. If it is a fresh opening of the TaskPaper document it will work, but if the cursor is already sitting on the search term in the sidebar from last time, no so much.

@jessegrosjean is there any chance this behavior can be addressed? It would be nice if any time you clicked on a search term in the sidebar - even if it is already triggered, you triggered a new instance of the search.


Instead can you use the command: View > Refresh Editor Search?


I suppose I could although my comment was directed at the functionality of the search terms as buttons in the sidebar. I could use that key combination command-R but really, it is both simpler and more confusing to remember to rapidly click a search term so that it triggers. I mean, why click on a search term in the sidebar, go up to the view menu, refresh the search, mouse back to the search term and click again. Seems kind of inefficient to me.

Just now I am playing with adjusting my macros to always rapidly double click on a position instead of using single clicks.