Date Created a Task

I am curious to see if there is any way in TaskPaper that a task is associated with a time stamp naturally? I am thinking, not, but it seemed worth a question. TaskPaper is not a database. It is a text based list keeping app (on steroids), I can’t see where there would be any computer record of when a task was actually entered.

I have items that have been on the low burner of my task list for a long time. They already have tags for priority which color the task itself. I was just thinking that it would be nice if there was a way to run a script and if a tag had an entry date more than say, 60 days, it added a tag to the line that altered the items color in some way. In the same way you can tell when food is going bad as it changes to a different color, etc. Of course it would also be available for a search for overdue items.

I don’t normally use TaskPaper for dated tasks but more as a way to track tasks as done and not done (or as an outline for my writing but that is a discussion for another day). If I were in the habit of putting a date in every TaskPaper task then I could get a script to do this but, is there anyway I am not aware of that has been built in? Again, guessing, not. But it seemed to be worth asking the question once.


There is something that you can modify and check on the Scripts’ page that can easily do that. Maybe tomorrow I will have time to find it for you and give a more definitive answer.

There’s no creation date that’s automatically created/stored for tasks. Instead if you want that you’d need to add some sort of @created tag (with the associated date) to each task. In my opinions it’s would start to look pretty messy seeing all that extra info in your lists.

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Yes, I figured that was probably true. It was worth asking just in case. And no, I don’t want to start adding a bunch of dates and tags to this end. You are right about that.