[dash][space] anywhere in the text creates a task when return pressed

A [dash][space] anywhere in a line will cause TaskPaper to assume that the user wants a task on the next line. Shouldn’t this only apply if [dash][space] is at the beginning of the line?

For instance, typing “- fly a kite today[return]” will result in the next line starting as a task with "- ". That makes sense.

But typing “my awesome note - well, at least I think it is awesome[return]” will also result in the next line starting as a task with "- ". That doesn’t make sense. The user is probably just wanting to write another line of note text.

This seems like a bug. Is it?

In the meanwhile (either as temporary workaround or more durable preference) there is always the n-dash – which for some reason I personally find a little more readable in my notes than the narrower hyphen, or, if you prefer, the even wider m-dash —

On the keyboard:

- hyphen -
n-dash ⌥-
m-dash ⇧⌥-

(Just a nitpicking note that it’s “en” and “em” dashes, not “n” and “m”; they’re nothing to do with the respective letters of the alphabet. :slight_smile: An em is about the width of an uppercase H, and an en is about half an em. Originally, an em was the height of a piece of actual metal type. You may now forget this forever.)

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Yup that’s a bug. And yeah! … I can reproduce it, so I expect to get a fix in soon.

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