Cut and paste a folded project removes the content

If I create a project with text and the fold it, a cut- and paste will exclude the folded text. Surely this is a bug?

Subproject 1:
- Task 1.1.
- Task

Cut-and-paste becomes

I agree there’s room for improvement, but that is how things work right now. Cut/Copy/Paste work on the selected text and nothing else. Before trying to improve this behavior I want to provide some visualization of missing (filtered/folded) text. That’s the next step, I hope to get to this for version 3.0, but it’s on the bubble.

I have been sleeping on this, but I still find this behaviour really odd. For me, if I fold the text the visible line represents all text, even that which is folded. So a cut or copy should select ALL text, including what is folded.

Also, since I can move a folded item by clicking and dragging on the dot-icon, this makes it even more confusing. When I move a line there I move all text (according to my preference), but when I copy and/or cut something there is a different behaviour.

Not to pretend that I know anything about your codebase, but could you not use the same select for a copy/cut as you do when I click the folded icon to drag that text to a new place?