Customization for final users or just for programmers?


I am a bit disappointed with the development of TaskPaper 3.0, so I hope this is a constructive comment for you. I would like to have my @tags in a more visible color than the light grey in the original / standard theme and also to make other changes; but I realized that I have to spend time to study Less code to change the color of an element. So my question is, are you really thinking in final users?. I would like to have these options in Preferences and to use Taskpaper to work not to learn Less Themes or scripts,
I think most of us just buy a license because we consider our time relevant and we expect to improve our efficiency in work, not to study Less Themes and scripts.
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I feel your pain. Have you been trying to change those tags? You can download themes that look pretty good if you look a the extension’s wiki. The themes are pretty self explanatory once you read through them and see a couple of examples. I am sure that TaskPaper could use an interface to do all of what you are asking, but honestly, those who just want to improve their efficiency would never use that. Specially since you can just download several themes already created by users.

Here is the portion of the code that accomplishes what you want.

// Tag Styles

// Default tags
run[tag] {
  font-size: @user-font-size - 1; //The tags will be slightly smaller than the text.
  font-style: normal; //You can make them italic, bold, etc.
  color: rgb(130, 161, 47); //I just picked a color

If you are thinking of a specific color, let me know and I can give you the RGB code, or you can just get your own color by downloading and app or looking online for them. I am including a link here.

Get RGB from a color


Of course it’s a valid complaint, and eventually I am likely to build a bit more UI support for customizing themes. With that said I don’t see themes as an essential end user part of TaskPaper. They are lots of fun, I like to mess with them myself, but I’m suspicious if they actually help anyone GTD any faster :smile:

If you really do want to take the time to customize things a quick post in the forums here is likely to get a quick answer. I think @Victor might already have you covered, but if there’s something else you are stuck on just let us know.


Thanks Victor for your comment, code and link. I am going to try the code and pick some RGB colors.
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