Curio 12 added TaskPaper support

For those interested in Curio, it just released a new version that is big on Markdown and also added TaskPaper support for importing TaskPaper documents. Here is a blurb on the new TaskPaper support features.

Curio is a highly customizable, creative work space. It does too many things to go into here, lets just call it, it does a lot. My favorite Curio feature that works in TaskPaper is that in Curio I can right click and save a path to any text or object as a hyperlink. Then in TaskPaper I will paste that hyperlink in a TaskPaper to-do so that when I want to work on that task, I click the hyperlink and the Curio workspace opens up to that part of the project.

Curio also can do mind maps, show progress, embed videos, graphics, and much more. TaskPaper has so many great features and some of them overlap. I am using TaskPaper for the main coarse, it is a way I use to remember and navigate through all the things I have to attend to. Then, I use Curio for the heavy lifting.

As a fan of TaskPaper and of Curio, I thought to share it here.