CSS hierarchy with how tags are effecting text

I have been readjusting my tags to meet my current work flow ideas. So far so good. But here and there I wont get a result I thought I would have gotten from a tag. I use tags not only to focus on items I have to do, front burner, back burner, waiting for some response, etc., but I also can apply a color to that line or adjust it in some way.

If I am remembering this right, there is a hierarchy as to how the DarkTheme.less is read for a TaskPaper document, isn’t there? Doesn’t it act on items it finds first at the top of the DarkTheme.less document, then the next … all the way to the last item on the bottom of the DarkTheme.less file?

For example, I have my @done tag at the bottom so it isn’t being overridden by any other tag commands.

I have established depth settings on several depth levels in Project Titles and again in Project Tasks. In truth I hardly use this depth feature in my current work flow and I am thinking of just killing the levels off.

Taking them off as I write this to test … It appears that setting levels as in:

item[data-type= task][depth=2] {

… makes using tags a bit problematic. I don’t get consistent results that way.

Which is why I am asking about hierarchy. If a parameter has been set for a title or a task or a note, does it remain the same unless it is acted on by a tag? This seems correct and common sense. I am asking because I am finding that one of the tags I am using which is supposed to color the lines text it has been applied to, is depth dependent. That is, applying that tag does nothing - UNTIL, I shift that line back a level. Then it works fine.

I didn’t think I had to adjust or kill off the depth levels I had near the top because I was thinking that applying a tag lower down (in the DarkTheme.less file) would override the earlier parameter.

Am I missing something here? Doesn’t a tag near the bottom override a title or project text parameter that was read near the top?

Just posting this to see if I have misunderstood something here. I thought a tag would override anything. Apparently not. Feedback is appreciated.


Sorry, but I couldn’t visualize what you are trying to do and what you are not understanding. Do you still need help? Could you explain this a little bit better for me please?

Well, I keep learning. I was asking about the rules that TaskPaper uses so that I could better trouble shoot some problems I was seeing with a tag not affecting text. But, then that same text string and tag was shifted in or out to a different level of depth, it did work.

I was also asking if it was true that what is read in the .less file would from the top of the page, to the last thing at the bottom of the page. That means, if I placed a tag near the top and then defined a Project or a note area differently and below the tag on the .less page, would the last formatting read in the .less file win the day? And vice verse, if the tag file is the last thing read, it out weights the other rules. I think that’s right.