Cross-device usage

how to make use of (read/modify) bike files on another device like on your iphone? i suppose we have to wait for the ios specific app release since it uses a non-txt .bike format

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In the meanwhile, Bike can, of course, also read and write OPML and TXT files,
which are accessible to various iOS apps.


haha what :smile:

i just tested it — i had no idea it was compatible with the same files that taskpaper was (just indented files). that’s why i have explicitly ignored it its whole lifetime.

this is a game changer. thanks!


See also, in the Bike User Guide:

(Accessible from Bike through Help > Bike User Guide ⌘?)

Bike Compatible Apps

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Hi @purple, what add do you use for your test?

just create a new file like test.txt and in it put some indented text, then open it in bike and modify some of the text, then open the file again in sublime or any other text editor to see it works

No outliner behaviour like folding or focusing…