Crash when paste text


Taskpaper 3.6.2(290) MacOS Sierra 10.12.3

Crash when paste certain text.
Try to paste line by line won’t be crashed.
But paste attached text all at once Taskpaper will crash immediately.

text.txt (831 Bytes)



Hmm–I’ve just tried pasting the block of sample text you gave as many ways as I could, and nothing would make it crash. Taskpaper 3.6.2(290) MacOS Sierra 10.12.3 There must be more to the story.


Thanks for testing.

I tried to close all other applications and reboot my Mac, redo the pasting thing again,
but it’s still the same situation “unexpectedly quit”.
I am wondering if there are other way to tracing this problem?


I’m also not able to reproduce this problem. Not sure that it will help without me also being able to reproduce the crash, but can you post the crash log?


Crash log as below. (27.4 KB)

Bug in TaskPaper or am I using bad characters?

Thanks, I do see the crash now. I thought I was testing the same version as you, but I was testing in the 3.7 preview which seems to fix this problem. Can you try this preview release:

And let me know if that fixes the crash for you too?


It’s fixed, awesome !