Couldn't Be Happier With TaskPaper

The more I use TaskPaper, the happier I am with it. Among other things, I’m finding its use of a standard text file format to be simple and brilliant. I use Dropbox to sync all my files among various devices. When I’m using something (say an iOS device) that I don’t have TaskPaper installed on, I can still reference my notes in a useful format–and even edit them. That’s incredibly useful. And the TaskPaper app itself provides exactly the functionality I need without a bunch of fluff I don’t care about.



I agree. TaskPaper is wonderful software craftsmanship. It has also a friendly and helpful community. Jesse is doing a fine job on the support level as well, as a customer I feel taken taken seriously.

Had to say this once …


Couldn’t agree more myself! I’ve dabbled in almost every other complex system out there for task/list management and for many years now I always find my way back to TaskPaper when I want to outline projects out to the minutiae.

Jesse has masterfully managed to hold the line between simplicity and sustainability of the core concept and format, while at the same time continuing to pack just the right amount of features under the hood and not be afraid to question and reinvent things as tools and approaches have evolved.

The TaskPaper format itself has been a great gift to the community. I hope it gains better traction again amongst iOS editors. Yes of course, any text editor will grant you access, and Editorial does a sufficient enough job but it has languished again.