Copy only what you see

Problem: I have an “@active” tag I use to keep track of what I am working on now. When I click the active tag on the sidebar, I get the items displayed (and the hierarchy or levels above them which is fine with me).

I want to copy that small amount of data and paste it into a Notes window for carrying around. Unfortunately, when I copy what is selected on the TaskPaper window, TaskPaper selects EVERYTHING in that tree when I copy it.

Question: Can it be resolved at some future point to have TaskPaper copy only what is selected and to ignore any folded text? As it stands it is not really very useful for focusing on items and then printing out that list - or pasting it into another document.

This is possible now with Edit > Copy Displayed :slight_smile:

Oh, I see. Odd that it works differently from selecting text and copying what is displayed. Different from printing too. Print only prints what is displayed.

Any chance this could be set up as a user definable preference in the future? Seems logical to me that this would work as, “what you copy you get on the clipboard”, just like what you tell it to print. Pretty standard Mac behavior that way. Seems like, if you wanted extra stuff to copy then you could use; Edit > Copy Full Tree of Displayed, or some such.

But at least you have shown me a way to make this work. Thanks.