Copy and Paste Bug

Hi, I’ve found a bug where the children of a collapsed row are not copied.
I’ve attached a link to a screen recording of the issue

Rows B and C both have children and are collapsed.
I am only selecting and copying rows A,B and C.
The children of row C do not get copied.
If I include row D in the select and copy then the children of row C do get copied.
So it looks like it is connected to C being the last row in the selection.

Using Bike every day and loving it :slightly_smiling_face:

Screen Recording

So it works if I include the newline at the end of the row, so not a bug, but a bit of a gotcha.

When drag selecting, the cursor has to start/end at least a little bit below the last line to include the newline which is the same behaviour as TextEdit so expected behaviour.

I guess a solution might be to include the children of a collapsed row if the the whole row is selected even if that doesn’t include the new line?


A feature, I think, once one has noticed it – though not immediately obvious – it provides a choice between:

  1. Selecting and copying just the text of a row (don’t select the pilcrow ¶ character), and
  2. selecting and copying the row and its children. (Include the pilcrow ¶ in the selection).
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I think now it works as intended, but yes a bit of a gotcha for sure. I expect this UI to be improved in Bike 2.0 work.

Looking forward to 2.0 :+1: