Converting from Word DOCX to TASKPAPER

What’s the “best” way to convert existing Word DOC/DOCX into Taskpaper?
By “best”, I mean … for the best end result, regardless of how many steps it takes to get me there.

Do you have Word on your system ?

(it also depends, of course, on the structure of your docx documents, and how you want that to map to a TaskPaper outline of Projects: nested - items, notes etc.

i.e. is your docx in MS Word outline format ? Bullets paras ? etc etc

The best thing would be to show us:

  • A sample .docx file
  • A sample of what you would like that translated to in a .taskpaper file.

Since Taskpaper is a text-based format, the first priority is converting the DOC/DOCX contents to text format.

Then it’s a matter of making sure that text follows the Taskpaper conventions.

It might be as simple as copy-pasting from an editor like Word to Taskpaper. I say “like Word” because other Word-compatible apps might copy the content to the clipboard differently. I think Word has a “save-as-text” feature, too. So I’d also try that.

After you’ve converted the DOC/DOCX to text, check how the text strays from the Taskpaper format. If the indentation was not lost, there are ways to massage it into the right format. For example if the indentation was copied as spaces or a mix of spaces and tabs, you can convert that to Taskpaper but if the indentation was completely lost, there is no way to reconstruct the original hierarchy.