Context Menu Keyboard Shortcut?

I feel like I’ve asked this before, but I’m not finding a satisfactory answer… is there some standard for opening context menu in a text editor via keyboard shortcut? Or if not is there a good reason why not?

I’m adding a right-click context menu to Bike. There are a number of commands in that context menu that I would like to access without the mouse. In particular “Look Up” and “Open Link”. TextEdit (and most any text view) has the same shortcuts… but I don’t see anyway to access those commands without using the mouse in other apps.

On approach is that I could add main menu items for those commands, but I’m not sure they are useful enough to add dedicated menu items for. I would rather just be able to pop up the context menu and then use arrow keys to select command from there.

Anyone know if this is already a thing, or why it isn’t?

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I’m not aware of a standard, and I have no idea why there wouldn’t be one. Sorry!

I do like that you are implementing it in the current build. Maybe you will be the one to set the standard! :slight_smile:

Now that I’ve implemented it I think I also implemented it in TaskPaper at one point, but then replace that with the Commands pallet. At the moment seems more useful then commands pallet… which I really like the idea of, but it always seems like a big wall of decision to be made vrs popup menu which isn’t so bad.

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Now that I am trying it, I am starting to like it. A lot.

My only gripe is the amount of keys needed. I’d prefer two keys (like ⌃-p) rather than three (⌘-⇧-p). I know that I can change this with other software, but if you want this to catch on, make it easy for the user to get onboard (less keys/memorable keys/easy to type/etc.).

Why “P”? Maybe a try a letter that represents the menu better? Will ⌃-M work? Is that in common use for another item?

Just thinking out loud. I hope it helps!

I used P because that’s what many programmers text editors use to show “Commands Pallet”… and this is sorta similar idea. But it’s not really the same idea, and M might be a better choice. I’ll try ^M and see how it feels.

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