Confusing treatment of commas in tag lists

In a comma-separated list of tags (IOW on one line), TP3 (3.0 pre [166]) includes the comma and creates a new tag: [string] becomes [string,].

I see that there are two types (loosely speaking) of punctuation, (1) treated like a string character (hyphen, underscore, period) and (2) treated like a delimiter (everything else AFAICT). Maybe I’m using TP in an unusual way, but it seems like the intuitive default would be for commas to be treated as a delimiters.

Thanks for all your excellent work! — T

I’m not sure it’s working like that.

When I type:


No tag is recognized. And when I type:

@one, @two, @three

Only the last @three tag is recognized. As it works now tag names are not allowed to include commas, and if they do then they are not recognized as tags.

I’m hesitant to make commas delimiters. It’s of course not very hard to add that as a parsing option. But every different formatting option has some cost (in confusion/complexity). If I add , as a delimiter I can imagine requests for others like /|\ for a start and it just starts to make everything a little more complicated. Maybe I’m overthinking this, but why doesn’t it work to just use spaces in your lists?

Thanks for your quick reply. You’re not overthinking it — I wrote pretty much the same thing about prefs and tradeoffs, but deleted it because you don’t need the extra noise. :sunny: (I also ended up misstating the issue — apologies for that, your desc is correct.) Anyway, I think people are probably more likely to use commas than the other characters as a delimiter in prose (x, y, and z), so there’s a clearly defined subset of users who understand and benefit from such an option. OTOH, people definitely appreciate your minimalism.

Happy new year to you and yours, and thanks for all your great work.

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