Configuring the text chosen for pasted links

I’m a little confused about how Bike picks what text to show when I paste a link. For example, if I paste a link from Gmail, the text it shows is just the single character “0”. (I think it’s pulling this from the mail/u/0 path in the URL.) However, other times, I will get a full URL.

What determines this behavior, and is it configurable? Is there any way to coax bike into pasting the full URL in cases where that’s what I’d prefer? (Didn’t see anything about this in the docs.)

I’m not seeing that behavior for Gmail links… when copied from Safari and pasted into Bike. Can you give a little more detail on how to reproduce the problem?

Generally, I think, you should get URL. Times when you shouldn’t are:

  1. When pasteboard contains a “public.url-name” attribute, then I use that for the name.
  2. When you have a text selection when you paste, then the URL will be pasted “behind” the text selection.
  3. Maybe some other time that I’ve forgotten, or a bug :slight_smile:

Hum, strange. It’s not unique to Gmail. For example, with this discussion, I get the topic ID, “5458”.


  1. Copy the URL of this discussion
  2. Open a new Bike document
  3. Optionally type some text
  4. Paste in the URL (Cmd-V or Edit > Paste > Paste)

(Browser is Safari 16.6)

If you want to make sure that the set of pasteboards copied to the clipboard from a browser (or from a number of other commonly use applications) contain both url and label text you could use this:

the most recent version of which can always be found here:

(Click the green Code button and choose Download Zip

Which in Bike yields a combination of label and url like:

Hum, strange. It’s not unique to Gmail. For example, with this discussion, I get the topic ID, “5458”.

Ah, I see the difference. I’m using Bike 1.14 Preview and I guess you are using Bike 1.13. I just tried 1.13 and I see the same behavior. I don’t remember fixing this issue, but something must have changed, seemed fixed in latest Bike 1.14.

You can try the preview (Software update setting) or you can wait for fix. I’ll be posting to Mac app store on Wednesday I think.

Ah, gotcha. I tested out the preview version, and indeed I’m getting the full link on pasting now. Thanks!

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