Completed tasks without strikethrough?

Bike is awesome! Thanks for creating this great piece of software.

One small feature request: could there be a setting to disable the strikethrough of completed tasks (or perhaps replace it with some other formatting, like having the text greyed out)? When completed tasks are formatted with strikethrough, it’s hard to read the underlying text.


I think this will be possible once I add support for stylesheets. In my current plan (I do change mind sometimes) that’s two medium sized releases away. First I plan to work on outline path syntax (query language) and implementation. And then I plan to work on stylesheets.


I agree with @will, the current bold strike-through is somewhat jarring. I would much prefer dimmed text and the checked box itself. This would visually emphasize the non-completed items.

Thanks for a great app!


Stylesheets sounds like a very powerful feature, I look forward to using it when it’s ready!

I had the same thought as @glebd, you might want to consider changing the default to something like dimmed text rather than strikethrough. Strikethrough makes sense for some types of task lists (e.g. a grocery or shopping list), but it doesn’t work so well for other cases. For example, you might want to have task items for different sections in a document you are planning, and when you finish writing the section, you check off the corresponding task item. The strikethrough on that item makes it look like that section has been canceled or cut from the document, rather than completed. Just my two cents :slight_smile:


I use UpNote for other things than Bike. They’ve implemented a very nice set of options for todos. These options, from what I’ve seen/heard really accomodate everyone’s needs for this kind of styling. Here’s a screenshot of the options UpNote provides. I’m sure stylesheets will rock, but there aren’t that many options folks need for todos: just a few simple ones. I think UpNote nailed it in terms of this features.

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I think it’s likely I will, but I want the style system in place before I start experimenting with new default.