Collapsing and expanding on the sidebar tree

Sorry for flooding your with questions today. I moved an incredible amount of documents into TaskPaper and I am still grasping all the powerful tools my documents just gained.

I wanted to know if you had planned to implement organization tools to the sidebar tree. Some of my documents have a lot of projects inside and find myself navigating by collapsing projects in the main window instead of the sidebar. It seemed to me that using the sidebar tree to collapse or expand all those projects would be the purpose of having a sidebar for navigation.


I don’t expect to add anything there for 3.0, though I do agree that it’s a problem and I would eventually like to have some solution. But it’s a ways off.

It would be great if at least the “Archive” section would be collapsed – i don´t want to move done tasks to another file, so there are lots and lots of projects under “Archive” that i don´t need to see.

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I have exactly the same problem - I want to archive, but am not willing to unless there is a trivial way to keep the archives hidden by default.

I definitely agree it’s no good to see archives in the sidebar. I’m even finding that I avoid creating subprojects because I don’t want to see them in the sidebar. But I’m hesitant to start adding expand/collapse controls into that view because then you’ll have a whole new outline to manage with a slighting different UI.

Assuming I don’t add manual expand/collapse here are some ideas that come to mind:

  1. Hard code to just show top level projects. So you would see archive, but not projects it contains.

  2. Same as first case and also support a @sidebar tag that would force a tagged subproject to become visible.

  3. Add a setting that allows you to specify your own search used to generate the projects list. Default implementation would support case 1 and 2, but you could devise your own logic if you wanted.

  4. Add an automatic expand/collapse implementation based on the selected item. The coolest… but would mess up keyboard navigation in the list, so probably a no go.


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I like the idea of having more options on the sidebar and case three would be awesome, but I think that somebody just getting used to TaskPaper might be overwhelmed by this. Can you leave things as they are and somehow implement case three? In that way, only those who are truly interested on playing around with some power options gets the best of the two worlds.