Collapse all rows below this row

I would love it if there was a command for “Collapse all rows below this row” in outline mode.

There is Outline > Collapse Row All (Option-Command-9). In outline mode it might be possible to assign a shorter shortcut, but I will wait a while before I start assigning more outline mode shortcuts.

Thanks for the quick reply.

“Collapse Row All” collapses the entire outline all the way back up to the root. I was hoping for something that collapses just going from the row that I am on, down the rows nested below that row.

It’s definitely not strictly necessary.

I think it’s already there. Just option-click the row you want to collapse everything beneath.

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Thanks, fssbob! Yes that does work.

Do you know if there is a keyboard shortcut that is associated with the same action of option-click?

Not that I know of.

Are you sure that Outline > Collapse Row All (Option-Command-9) isn’t what you want? I have just tested it again… “Collapse Row All” is definitely collapsing the selected row and it’s descendants completely. It is not collapsing any of its ancestors. Pretty certain same behavior as Option-Click on handle.

The menu is a little confusing… if you read the menu items you will not see the item “Collapse Row All”. You need to hold down the option key to see it. A little odd for sure, but a macOS standard way to limit menu items.


Yes, sorry, you are correct. I was mixing up “Collapse Row All (Option-Command-9)” and “Collapse All (Control-Command-9)”

You are correct that “Collapse Row All (Option-Command-9)” is what I was looking for.


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