Collaboration options


The more I use Taskpaper, the more I love the format for sketching out projects. Does anyone have a workflow for working on a Taskpaper file with other people?


Depending on the project I think Dropbox (for a project mostly in TaskPaper) or something like github (when the TaskPaper file is part of a bigger project) are best/only options. With that said TaskPaper isn’t really built to be great at collaboration beyond what you can do by sharing a text file.


Alas! :slight_smile:


I noticed that TaskPaper “watches” opened files for changes and updates after every change. This is a really nice feature, which (in combination with Dropbox) can give the user a nearly real-time collaboration experience.


I would like to test that, on my Mac Taskpaper loses track of my document when Dropbox resyncs.


I have been using Taskpaper with two computers using Dropbox for quite a while now and i haven’t encountered any problems so far. I think it is because I am one to only have Taskpaper open when using it. It works quite nicely.