Clicking on Activate doesn't work

Hi I just got a new Mac. After install Bike, I entered my email and License Code, but clicking on “Activate License” doesn’t do anything. No error messages. Just no reaction. How can I try to fix this? Thanks!

I’m sorry for the trouble, it looks like you ran out of activations, but I’m confused why you didn’t see an error reported. Before I fix the activation problem on my end do you mind:

  1. Quit Bike
  2. Open
  3. In Start Streaming
  4. Open Bike
  5. In Pause Streaming
  6. In search for “:rotating_light:” … that’s my unique character that I prefix some of Bike’s log messages with so they are easy to find.

And let me know what the related log message is?

… and if that’s all a bit to much I understand, and will fix the activation problem either way. Thanks. Just let me know once you’ve had a chance to read this message.

I performed these steps but it doesn’t seem to have any related messages:

Ok, thanks for trying. Please try activating again, I “think” it should work now.

Yes thanks a lot!

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