Check marks where there should be checkboxes

Version 3.0 Preview (161) I am getting check marks where there should be checkboxes. Happens in any file I create or open with Taskpaper. What else can I try to solve this issue.

This is a known issues. I think this topic has the most possible workarounds:

With that said I think I’ll be changing this design before 3.0 final anyway. So that problem should stop happening once I change the design.

Thanks for the response. I don’t have that font installed, as far as I can tell. Having said that, for no apparent reason this stopped happening right after I made this forum post. Here’s hoping it doesn’t return. Thanks again.


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Glad it’s a known issue as I have it too. It doesn’t seem connected to the font mentioned as when I first trialled the program I had check boxes working find. They disappeared when I bought the program and downloaded the latest version. Does that help?