Changing TaskPaper's cursor color in theme.less?


Hi all,
I have been playing with the theme.less file to adapt the looks of the TP editor screen. I am no expert, I just fiddle with some settings in the file that I recognize, and see what happens.

Does anyone know how one can change the color of the cursor that appears when I point it over regular text (not tags) in a document (hence when it has the shape of a vertical bar)? I think this cursor incarnation is not called “caret” (which apparently is the cursor when it points at a tag).
FYI I use black as background color, and white as textcolor, and I would like to have this little vertical bar to be more visible.

Thank you,

Here is my current set-up in theme.less, containing some adaptations in the default set-up:

// See to get started.

// Base Theme: TaskPaper’s default theme rules

// UI Scale
@base-font-size: 16;
@user-font-size: 18; //$USER_FONT_SIZE;
@ui-scale: @user-font-size / @base-font-size;

// UI Colors
@tint-color: rgb(0, 122, 255);
@selection-color: mix(@tint-color, @background-color, 30%); // rgb(148, 192, 255);
@invisibles-color: mix(@tint-color, @background-color, 70%); // rgb(67, 119, 211);

// Base text
@text-color: white; // black;
@background-color: black; // rgb(247, 247, 247);
@font-family: Source Sans Pro; //Avenir Next; //Source Sans Pro;
@line-height-multiple: 1.2; //1.1;

editor {
color: @text-color;
font-size: @user-font-size;
font-family: @font-family;
background-color: @background-color;
line-height-multiple: @line-height-multiple;

item-indent: 20px * @ui-scale;
caret-width: 2px;
caret-color: @tint-color;
drop-indicator-color: @tint-color;
invisibles-color: @invisibles-color;
selection-background-color: @selection-color;
guide-line-color: mix(@tint-color, @background-color, 10%);
message-color: mix(@text-color, @background-color, 50%);

sidebar {
search-item-prefix: ":: ";

item {
handle-color: mix(@tint-color, @background-color, 20%);

item[collapsed] {
handle-color: @tint-color;

item[data-type=“note”] {
font-style: italic;
color: mix(blue, white, 30%);

item[data-type=“task”] {
font-style: normal;

item[data-type=“project”] {
font-weight: bold;
color: mix(blue, white, 30%); //mix(orange, yellow, 50%);

item[data-done] {

run[display] {
text-strikethrough: NSUnderlineStyleSingle;
text-strikethrough-color: @text-color;

run[link] {
cursor: pointer;
color: @tint-color;

run[link^=“button”] {
color: @text-color;

run[link^=“filter”] {
color: @text-color;

run[tag] {
font-size: @user-font-size;
font-style: normal;
font-weight: normal;
color: mix(orange, yellow, 30%); //mix(@text-color, @background-color, 50%);


Sorry it’s not possible to style the “mouse text” cursor right now. I might add such a styling option eventually, but it’s a bit tricky and I don’t expect it too soon.


ok, thank you for letting me know.