Changes/Release Notes: Preview vs. App Store Versions

I’m checking out the preview version 3.5 and was trying to find a comprehensive list of what is different. I only found incremental notes accompanying the individual sub-releases/builds. I’m probably just missing it but is this maintained anywhere within a single document?

Sorry I don’t have anything better then that right now… one of my current tasks is consolidating all my detailed preview releases notes into something understandable to 3.3 users :slight_smile:

Thanks Jesse. No worries. I just wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing something in front of my nose. (And was on the lookout as my interest was peaked when I came across an older post hinting at future Siri/Reminders integration and quick-entry). In the meantime, I’m a new user who remains tickled by how refreshing TaskPaper is. Thanks so much for making it!