Changes on Stylesheets



I noticed that [display] stop working. It was weird because not all of my styles were broken by the change. I read in a post somewhere that it was changed to [content]. Is that something you are thinking on doing permanently or just for this beta? Just curious.


Related to this, it would be great if the style sheet format were finalized with 3.5 or soon thereafter. I’d rather not need to update style sheets for compatibility every time an update comes out.


Yes, I do expect this to be a permanent change. Thanks for catching it, I’ll put it in the 3.5 final release notes.


I’ll try… though for later readers of this thread let me clarify.

The “format” is LESS/CSS based and hasn’t changed for a long time and I don’t expect it to change going forward. Instead the discussion is over the element and attributes that are accessible at runtime. Like HTML/CSS this will likely continue to grow over time (new elements and styles available to style). The complaint is that I have also removed a few previously existing attributes. I agree, I should do less of that! :slight_smile: Though in the grand scheme I’ve done this quite infrequently I think.


No, you haven’t. We are just old and don’t like too much change :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. I get that the available elements may change – really all I want is for updates not to break existing styles, if possible.