Change history

I love TaskPaper, but I find myself wishing that it would provide a way for me to view the edit history, especially the history of items marked @done. I know that this is probably outside of the scope of this product, so I would be open to suggestions on how to accomplish it.

What would the output look like ?

A list, for example, of the filepaths, projects, texts and completion date-stamps of each item marked @done ?

I don’t have any great ideas. The two options that I can think of are:

  1. Save often into a version control system like git. And then view diffs between version to see history

  2. Use a custom script (instead of built in Bike command) for the actions that you want to track, such as mark done. And have that script record the history somehow, maybe in another file, or whatever convention that you want.

Neither is really a perfect solution, but may be good enough for what you need.