Can't scroll to bottom of document in High Sierra

I’ve just upgraded to High Sierra and WriteRoom 3.2.1 no longer scrolls all the way to the bottom of most documents. These documents are .txt files all smaller than 30KB. WriteRoom shows the first few screenfuls, but won’t render anything below that. Sometimes it shows only the top of each letter on the bottom line.

I have verified that the full contents of the files are still on disc.

This is making WriteRoom unusable for the documents I need to work on.

Are you using this version:

Using that version I’m able to scroll to the end of a 600K document in macOS 10.13.

If so are you able to share one of the documents ( and maybe I can spot what is causing the problem.


I sent you a 14KB .txt file with 2517 words and 64 lines, which manifests the bug in the updated WriteRoom.

It doesn’t happen every single time. I haven’t spotted a pattern yet. Toggling full screen mode sometimes makes the bug go away, as does putting the cursor on the bottom line and pressing the down key. Sometimes.

Sorry I’m still unable to reproduce the problem with that document. I’m sure it’s there… I just don’t see it.

I was hoping that if I could figure out why it was happening then I could suggest how to avoid… but since I don’t see it… I’m not sure.

It’s very unlikely that I’ll be updating WriteRoom 3 again. Right now I’m full speed ahead trying to get WriteRoom 4 done. It’s not there yet, but plan to put a limited preview version out soon.

OK, well, I have a workaround for now. Thanks for looking.

It may be related to this bug in Quick Look and Text Edit. Some comments there suggest it occurs in 10.13.1 but not in 10.13.0. I actually upgraded from 10.12 to 10.13.1 all in one go, so I never saw what happened in 10.13.0.